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April 30, 2000
Well, it's official, I'm graduating from James Madison University with my pretty little BA.  And in celebration, we're giving this site an OVERHAUL.  Lots of new and exciting things going this month, ladies and gentlemen.
Note, of course, the brandnew Homepage.  I felt the old one was little cluttered, so I simplified.

This section, News, is a new addition as well.  Why?  Well, because I've finally got something real to put into the Articles section!  This month, check out the Nworadi, a society of elfin paladins in whose hands could lie the fate of nations.

Aggravated with only a partial glimpse of the Kingdom of Lorn?  Well, fret no more!  It's (mostly) finished and remodeled as well to fit in all the lucious tidbits, including the History of Lorn and the shadowed birth of the Modi, the Dark Elves of Alina.

Wondering just how Alinians keep track of the years?  When exactly was the Fall of Baul?  Now you can know: check out the brand new Calendars of Alina and the Timeline in the Alinyu.

But, most importantly, is the new Downloads page.  But, Noah, you ask, where did the Modules go?  Well, forget modules; they'll be up someday, but I have better things to offer right now.  Finally, everything on this site is ready for your easy reference in fine .rtf format.  Go on, check it out.

On the personal front, as of May 7 I'll be in France for about two and a half weeks, so don't get mad if I don't answer any emails or if the next installment is a little thin.  However, you can count on an expanded pantheon a we take a detailed look at the Elfin Trinity.

And, as always, you have my express permision to use any ideas of information presented in this site for your own personal use.  You may repost anything here on the internet or any other media - provided that I am given proper credit.

Happy gaming!

copyright april 2000
noah mclaughlin